Manage Google Ads smarter?

  • Be proactive with smart alerts
  • Efficient through smart optimizations
  • Control over all your accounts
  • Flexible to adjust
  • 14 days free trial

Manage Google Ads smarter?

  • Be proactive with smart alerts
  • Efficient through smart optimizations
  • Control over all your accounts
  • Flexible to adjust
  • 14 days free trial

Adformatic ensures that PPC specialists at agencies and advertisers get greater control, perform fewer repetitive tasks and achieve better results.

Alerts and overviews

Landing page alerts

  • Check for response code and text
  • Checks ads, keywords and extensions
  • Automatic pause and activate

Performance alerts

  • Account and campaign performance
  • Compare equal weekdays
  • Respond proactively to problems

Budget monitor

  • Continuous linear budget forecast
  • Alerts when limits are exceeded
  • Automatic pause and activate

Health check

  • Completeness of ad groups
  • Determine the rules yourself
  • Check for common mistakes
  • Check disapproved ads and extensions

The Health Check checks ad groups for completeness. Have sufficient ads, ad extensions, search terms and target groups been set? Limits can be specified for each account.

Checks are also carried out for common issues, such as rejected extensions, conflicting negative keywords and errors in applying different match types.

We have found working with Adformatic to be fast and flexible. We notice crucial changes in accounts, such as rejection of extensions and issues with URLs, much sooner thanks to alerts received by email. Automatic optimization options have also ensured that we have much more time for doing something meaningful for customers.

Sophie Bus, Bureau Vet


A/B testing ads

  • Automatic A/B testing ads
  • Testing with multiple objectives
  • Test cross ad group

All ad groups are checked for how the ads are performing relative to one another, based on share of results or impressions.

Search query negatives

  • Define the conditions yourself
  • Search, Shopping and DSA campaigns
  • Suggestions and automatic implementation

Search queries are analyzed to determine which search queries should be added as negative keywords. This is done with just one click.

Search query positives

  • Define the conditions yourself
  • Automatic implementation after verification
  • Create new ad groups automatically

It determines which search queries can be added as exact keywords. Adding to a new or existing ad group can be done with just one click.

I save a lot of time each day using Adformatic's tools, and can be sure that all campaign prices and URLs are correct. Since I can set up the tools myself easily, they do exactly what I want them to!

Floortje Jansen, My Jewellery

Control over all your accounts, all in one glance

  • Account transcending dashboard
  • Click through directly to detailed information
  • Adjust settings per account

Every tool can also be used with larger numbers of accounts, quite easily. The settings can be adjusted for each account. It can be determined who should receive alerts for each account, and the results are displayed in a top-level dashboard. This means you also keep control over larger numbers of accounts. These tools are therefore also easy for online marketing agencies and larger advertisers to implement.

overview on macbook

Adformatic customers include:

Improved results in less time

By automating repetitive tasks using smart technology, and improving insight and control, better results are achieved in less time. Discover the opportunities for your company.