Merchant Center alerts (Google Sheets add-on)

Easily track changes in active and disapproved products in the Google Merchant Center. This add-on for Google Sheets helps you keep control over your products in Google Merchant Center. Whether you manage one account or over 50.

  • Set custom alerts
  • All accounts in one overview
  • Integrates with Google Data Studio


Set custom rules for alerts based on:

  • Increase in disapproved products
  • Disapproved products compared to all products
  • Decrease in active products

You can schedule at which time the data is updated and when the alerts are sent.


A dashboard is created which displays the changes in all your accounts per country per destination (e.g. Google Shopping in NL).

Google Data Studio

The daily data is saved to a separate sheet in your spreadsheet for every day this add-on runs. Preferably you schedule this add-on to run every day. The data in the sheet is structured to be easily connected to Google Data Studio. This allows you to create a chart with the changes in the statuses over time (or for the last day) in Google Data Studio.


The add-on includes an easy setup sidebar to get you started in minutes.


You can use this Google Sheets add-on for free. We will introduce a subscription model in the future.
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