ClickComposer for Gmail

Compose your email is just a few clicks

This Gmail™ add-on helps you compose emails faster by adding default sentences or complete messages with just a few clicks

  • Compose emails in just a few clicks
  • Share default texts with colleagues
  • Works on desktop and in mobile Gmail™ app

Google Sheets

The add-on uses Google Sheets™ to save the texts. This allows you to easily manage your templates, canned responses, and other texts. You can also share a spreadsheet with colleagues, so you all use the same default texts.

Set up ClickComposer in just a few steps

Set up ClickComposer in just a few steps:

  • Install ClickComposer from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • Click on the logo added in the toolbar to open the sidebar.
  • Enter the url of an spreadsheet of click create new spreadsheet
  • You can enter sentences and paragraphs you often use via the sidebar or directly in the sheet.

You can use HTML to a limited extent to format your texts. Specifically, you can use the following tags:

- <b>...</b>: For bold text.
- <i>...</i>: For italic text.
- <u>...</u>: For underlined text.
- <p>...</p>: To define a paragraph.
- <br>: To create a line break.
- <ul>...</ul>: To start an unordered list.
- <ol>...</ol>: To start an ordered list.
- <li>...</li>: To define a list item.
- <a>...</a>: To create a hyperlink.
- <img>: To embed an image. (Note: Images will not be displayed in the preview, but will be added to the email.)

Compose your emails

On desktop, you can click on the icon in the toolbar below the email. In your mobile Gmail™ app, click on the three dots and then select "Add from ClickComposer". This will open a screen over your email. You can select the texts you want to add and then click the "ADD TO EMAIL" button.

Terms & privacy

The Gmail add-on "ClickComposer for Gmail by Adformatic" uses and transfers any information received from Google APIs to any other app in adherence to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

You can use this add-on for Gmail for free. We might introducing a subscription plan or paid features at a later stage.

For more information please visit our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Questions and feature requests

If you have a question or a feature request. Please contact us.