About Adformatic

You create a proper blend of process improvement and smart tools by combining knowledge of online marketing, data and technic.

Due to the increasing opportunities that online channels offer to agencies and advertisers, the sheer quantity of data is increasing very quickly. It is no longer possible to properly analyze and use all this data manually. Only by automating analyses can the increased complexity be converted into better results. In addition, there is often much time to be gained from automating repetitive work. This means more time can be spent on approaching the target group in the right way.

Adformatic was set up by Giel Hoogstraten. He started in 2005 with online marketing. He managed a team of PPC consultants at one of the largest search engine marketing agencies in the Netherlands. He has been involved with process automation from an early age, and designed the algorithm for the bid management system developed in-house, among other things. He went on to gain much experience as an (online) marketing manager at various retailers and other companies.

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