Dashboards and insights

Data-driven decision-making and optimization.

Automatically collecting and combining data, in combination with clear dashboards, provides the right insight for the next step.


Dashboards are tailor-made. We look at the different users of the dashboard and at how the dashboard is used. We then create a dashboard that gives users the best insights.


Problems can be avoided by automatically analyzing the data. For example, by sending an e-mail alert when costs rise too fast in a certain segment or revenue falls too fast.


Making reports takes a lot of time if it is manual work. This is not necessary, monthly and weekly reports can be generated automatically with tables and graphs.

Collect and combine data

By collecting data automatically as much as possible, insights are available earlier and more reliable. In addition, daily storage of data can enable new insights.


  • By storing product data on a daily basis and combining it with revenue data (e.g. from Google Analytics), the effects of stock and (relative) price on revenue can be made clear.
  • By saving the margin per product daily, the profit per transaction and traffic source can be accurately determined.
  • By combining sales and return data, the return percentages of products can be determined.

Adformatic offers a solution that we have been looking for for a long time. The possibilities to map the profitability and the extensive advice are very valuable to us. Moreover, the insights and optimizations quickly yielded a very nice result. Definitely recommended!
Michiel Knuiman
Online Marketing | Proforto

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