Google Data Studio Merchant Center connector

Display status insights from your Google Merchant Center directly in your Google Data Studio dashboards.



Choose for which accounts you want to retrieve the data from the Google Merchant Center.

Detail level

The connector retrieves an account summary for the product status and item level issues. You can create charts based on the approval status or on item level issues. Since the underlying product data isn't retrieved you can't combine the two in a single chart. This compromise makes the connector faster, especially for larger number of products.


All retrieved data is cached for 8 hours to increase the speed of the connector.

Dimensions and metric


  • Merchant
  • Channel
  • Country
  • Destination
  • Approval status
  • Issue
  • Issue description
  • Servability


  • Products

Alerts and trends

To create trend charts use our Google Sheets add-on: Google Merchant Center alerts. This add-on saves data per day to a spreadsheet which can then be connected to Google Data Studio to create trend charts. You can also set thresholds for changes to receive alerts per email.


You can use this Google Data Studio connector for free. We may introduce a subscription model in the future.
For more information please visit our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Ready to get started?

Add the connector to your Google Data Studio or make a copy of our template.


We have created a Google Data Studio template to help you get started. Just make a copy and authorize the connector.

Add the connector

Connect your Google Merchant Center to Google Data Studio by adding the connector.


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