PPC add-on for Google Ads (Google Sheets add-on)

Scan your Google Ads account for common mistakes and performance opportunities.

Create an Google Ads audit in minutes

This Google Sheets add-on enables you to quickly scan any of your Google Ads accounts for common mistakes and performance opportunities. You can also set alerts to monitor you accounts performance.

Health check

The health check currently offers these checks:

  1. Campaigns without ad groups
  2. Ad groups without responsive search ads
  3. Ads under limit
  4. Ad groups without keywords
  5. Ad groups without targeting
  6. Keywords with BMM
  7. Disapproved extensions
  8. Disapproved ads (by disapproval reason)
  9. Extensions under limit

The add-on performs the check and writes the results to the Google Sheet.

Performance opportunities

The performance opportunities currently offer these checks:

  1. Negative search terms
  2. Positive search terms
  3. Negative Shopping products
  4. Campaigns limited by budget
  5. Lost conversions

The add-on performs the check and writes the results to the Google Sheet.


You can easily create a summary of the Health check and performance check results. This creates a new sheet which lists the results of all executed checks. The summary shows the number of results found per check and includes a link to the checks sheet.



You can set a schedule to execute performance checks every morning and receive an email alert if an issues are found. You can easily set the alerts for multiple accounts. This way you stay in control of your Google Ads accounts.

These alerts are currently available:

  1. Monthly budget alert: Checks this months spend until yesterday against the budget available until yesteday. A budget state is calculated and an alert is sent if the difference becomes too great. You can set the tresholds yourself.
  2. No conversions alert: Checks how many days ago the last conversion (included in the conversions column) occured. An alert is sent if the number of days is above the threshold.
  3. Account performance alert: Checks yesterdays account performance for clicks, cost and conversions. It compares yesterdays performance with the average performance on the same weekday in the previous weeks. An alert is sent if the deviation is above the threshold.

New features coming

We plan to continue adding new checks and features. If you miss anything. Please let us know.


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