Google Ads Optimization

To ensure the best results, the Google Ads campaigns must be constantly optimized. Many of these tasks are repetitive and easy to automate. This leaves more time for creation and strategy.

Adformatic has developed a solution for the following tasks within Google Ads involving optimization, including:

All ad groups are checked for how the ads are performing relative to one another. The report highlights ad groups where ads can be paused or new ads might be added. It also tests ads in multiple ad groups using aggregated data. This means you also get a clear understanding of how ads are performing if the volumes for each ad group are lower.

The negative search query tool analyzes search queries and determines which search queries should be added as negatives. Search queries that perform too poorly can be added to this list automatically. It is also possible to list the search queries separately, so they can be checked first.

Search queries are analyzed, to determine which search queries perform well enough to be added as an exact keyword. Search queries can be added automatically. It is also possible to list the search queries separately, so they can be checked first. You can add to the same ad group, but a new ad group can also be created automatically for the search query. The ad for the new ad group is fully customizable, and the search query can be included in one of the headlines automatically.


The tools above are based on Google Ads scripts. Adformatic provides setup and support for these tools. And a great deal is possible:

  • Multiple accounts
    Adformatic works for advertisers with their own PPC specialists as well as for online marketing agencies. Our smart solutions are useful for a single account, but certainly work for multiple accounts.
  • Custom optimization
    Optimization solutions can be developed especially for your situation. We work a lot using Google Ads scripts and Google Apps Script to create solutions. This lets us create practical solutions that deliver real added value, without directly involving long lead times or large investment.
  • Maintenance and updates
    Adformatic checks how the tools are performing and applies updates if necessary. For example, if a script's performance is being affected by an adjustment from one of the APIs used. This guarantees continuity.

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