Google Merchant Center alerts

Google Merchant Center alerts

Merchant Center alerts (Google Sheets add-on)

Easily track changes in active and disapproved products in the Google Merchant Center.

Stop losing revenue because of disapproved products in the Google Merchant Center.

Easily track changes in active and disapproved products in the Google Merchant Center. This add-on for Google Sheets helps you keep control over your products in Google Merchant Center. Whether you manage one account or over 50.

  • Set custom alerts

  • All accounts in one overview

  • Integrates with Google Data Studio


Set custom rules for alerts based on:

  • Increase in disapproved products
  • Disapproved products compared to all products
  • Decrease in active products

You can schedule at which time the data is updated and when the alerts are sent.


A dashboard is created which displays the changes in all your accounts per country per destination (e.g. Google Shopping in NL).

Google Data Studio

The daily data is saved to a separate sheet in your spreadsheet for every day this add-on runs. Preferably you schedule this add-on to run every day. The data in the sheet is structured to be easily connected to Google Data Studio. This allows you to create a chart with the changes in the statuses over time (or for the last day) in Google Data Studio.


The add-on includes an easy setup sidebar to get you started in minutes.

Free trial – 14 days

By using the Merchant Center Alerts add-on for Google Sheets you automatically enter a 14 days free trial. If you wish to continue using the add-on after the free trial, please subscribe.


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