Google Ads scripts

More insight. Less repetitive tasks. Better results.

Use Google Ads scripts to automate checks and optimization tasks.

What are Google Ads scripts?

Google Ads scripts (formerly AdWords Scripts) are programs written in Javascript, enabling tasks in a Google ads account to be performed automatically. Data is retrieved from Google Ads, Google Analytics or one or more of the many other data sources. This data is used for analysis, to gain valuable insight in an efficient way. Actions can be determined on the basis of this insight, such as sending e-mail alerts, filling in reports and making adjustments to a Google ads account.

Google Ads scripts solutions

We specialize in the development, maintenance and optimization of Google Ads scripts. We have developed many scripts that can be used immediately. In addition, we can modify existing scripts and develop custom scripts for (almost) any situation.

  • Full support
  • Short lead times
  • Custom solutions

Examples of Google Ads scripts developed by us:


  • Landing page alerts
  • Campaign performance alerts
  • Account performance alerts
  • Budget alert
  • Health check alerts
  • Price extension alerts
  • Disapproved extension alerts


  • Add successful queries
  • Exclude bad queries
  • Advanced bid management rules
  • Adjust from prices in ads
  • Adjust discounts in ads
  • Process stock updates directly in Google Merchant Center


  • Dashboards
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports

Maintenance and support

We check the functioning of Google Ads scripts we have developed on a daily basis, and make updates where needed. This guarantees continuity.

Custom Google Ads scripts

Adformatic develops Google Ads scripts for specific situations or modifies existing scripts to really save time and ensure better results.

Shared knowledge and training

Do you want to start using Google Ads scripts yourself? Or are you already an experienced Google Ads scripts user? We are happy to help you get the most out of Google Ads scripts.

Adformatic customers include:

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