Deltas for Google Analytics (Google Sheets add-on)

Comparing periods in Google Analytics and finding the biggest deltas can be time consuming, especially for dimensions that have many rows. This add-on solves just that. You can easily configure reports and sort the deltas for the dimensions and metrics that matter to you. Insights into these deltas will help you discover threats and opportunities quicker.

  • Discover changes faster
  • Easy to use report builder
  • Report tables sorted by deltas
  • Delta insights dashboard
  • Schedule email summaries

Build your reports

When you use this add-on for the first time, you will see that we have supplied basic report configurations which help you get started. You can easily search and select dimensions and metrics from a dropdown to edit reports or create your own. Your custom dimensions, custom metrics and active goals are included in the dropdown.

The report displays the dimensions and the metrics for both periods. A delta column is added for every metric. The columns are sorted on the first metric

table deltas

Fine tune your reports

To fine tune your reports you can add segments and filters. Normally, Google Analytics only allows you to filter on the main period and not on the compared period. However, this is possible using this add-on and it helps you to get more relevant results.

You can add a minimum for the delta, which acts as a filter on the delta column. For instance, you can include only rows where the delta of the sessions is higher than 100. You can also limit the number of results.

settings sheet-s

Dashboard, e-mail and more

Deltas for Google Analytics e-mail

By default the reports are displayed in the deltas insights dashboard. You have the option to have the reports written to a different spreadsheet for integration with other tools like Google Data Studio.
You can also set a schedule to have a summary of the reports sent to you by email periodically. This helps you to stay informed.


You can use this Google Sheets add-on for free. We will introduce a subscription model in the future.
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