Custom tools

We arrive at the best solutions for any situation by combining our knowledge of online marketing and technology. We speak the language of online marketing people and love looking for practical solutions that offer added value to your organization.

Custom-made starts with listening to you: How do your processes run? What are the objectives? Where are the challenges? We then provide a solution that is appropriate. We also offer:

  • Full support
  • Short lead times
  • Flexible solutions


We work a lot using Google Ads scripts and Google Apps Script to create solutions. This lets us create practical solutions that deliver real added value, without directly involving long lead times or large investment.


The possibilities are endless. We are happy to advise which repetitive tasks can be automated. We then work out the specifications for this solution together. For most solutions, data must first be retrieved from a source - for example, Google Analytics or Google Ads. Analysis is performed on this data in order to gain valuable insight. This insight forms the basis for required actions, such as sending e-mail alerts, completing reports or, for example, making adjustments to a Google Ads account.

Maintenance and updates

Adformatic checks how the tools are performing and applies updates if necessary. For example, if a script's performance is being affected by an adjustment from one of the APIs used. This guarantees continuity.

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Adformatic customers include: