Custom bid management

Use your own rules or ours, but choose our fully transparent bid management system for Google Ads. Refining the rules gives you control. Greater control than Google Ads' own automated bid strategies, and in much less time than if you wanted to optimize bids manually. Save time, and get control and results.

Our Bid management system:

  • Is fully automated
  • Advanced analyzes
  • Can integrate external data
  • Takes your adjustments into account
  • Works with Google Shopping
  • Provides insight and control

The system works using rules that you set up. (It is also possible to work with rules drawn up by us, without having to make any adjustment.) Every day all keywords and product groups are analyzed to determine which requires adjustment to achieve your objectives, based on these set rules. Bids for these keywords and product groups are adjusted automatically.

In this analysis, results at keyword or product group level can be combined with results at campaign and account level. For example, adjustments at keyword or product group level may also depend on the performance of a campaign or group of campaigns. Rules with both fixed and dynamic date ranges can be combined. With a dynamic date range, only data since the last change to the keyword or product group is used. The analysis is thus based on pure data. Adjustments are made more often for keywords or product groups with higher volumes, but the longtail can also be optimized based on data.

It is possible to base the conversion value used in the rules on external data. For example, the actual profit per product can be converted into a conversion value per keyword. This way you know for sure that bid management is aligned with business objectives.

Bid management rules take into account all bid adjustments. It does not matter whether those adjustments were made by this system, by you, or by a colleague. That product promotion you want to give extra attention to just before the weekend can therefore be set up easily, as the bid management system will work with you.

Our system is also compatible with Google Shopping. There are rules for this channel, too, that can be drawn up to optimize bids. It is also possible to design rules that exclude product groups. This, too, allows Google Shopping campaigns to be optimized efficiently.

To make the effect of Google Ads bid management rules transparent, all changes are recorded in a log file, including all data used for analysis. This means you can see exactly which rules have led to which adjustments. In addition, you will be sent, if required, a daily notification e-mail with a summary of the adjustments. That means you stay in control.

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