Overview is very important for online marketing specialists, both for the bigger picture and for fine details. A mistake is made all too easily when setting up and optimizing campaigns. External changes can also strongly affect results. Issues and opportunities can be spotted sooner by setting up automatic alerts.

Adformatic provides an advanced and affordable alert system. Since we at Adformatic can draw on years of experience and knowledge of both online marketing and technology, we know how alerts really take you further. Alerts are developed on the basis of Google Ads scripts and can therefore be adapted to any situation.

Common alerts

Every morning, landing pages used in the Google Ads account are checked for response codes or specific text (eg “not available”). This prevents visitors being directed to a 404 page or a sold-out product from an ad.

Results from today and yesterday are compared each day with the same weekdays from previous weeks. Whenever discrepancies become too large, an alert is sent.

On Mondays, results from the past week are compared with results from one or more previous weeks. This allows a monthly recurring trend to be factored in. It can be set for when the difference compared to the previous period is too large. An alert is sent if this is the case.

Each day, performance from the previous day is compared with the average performance on the same weekday in previous weeks, across all Google Ads campaigns. A limit can be set to determine whether a fall or rise in a campaign is too large. An alert is then sent for this so that action can be taken.

The Health Check sweeps the Google Ads ad groups for completeness. Have sufficient ads, ad extensions, search terms and target groups been set? Limits are set for each account, that must be observed. Checks are also carried out for common issues, such as rejected extensions, conflicting negative keywords or errors in applying different match types. Results are pooled together in a summary overview. Depending on the results, alerts are sent for the most important checks.

The status of ads and ad extensions is checked. Has an ad or extension been rejected? Then you will be sent an e-mail. The check is performed every day or even every hour. So you always know quickly if a part has been rejected, and you can fix it immediately.

At the beginning of each day, spending on the Google Ads account up to and including the previous day is compared against the available budget. If the variance between the planned budget and actual expenditure becomes too large, an alert is sent.


Multiple accounts

Adformatic works for advertisers with their own PPC specialists as well as for online marketing agencies. Our smart solutions are useful for a single account, but certainly work for multiple accounts, too:

  • The settings can be adjusted for each account.
  • A different e-mail address can be used for each account for e-mail alerts.
  • The most important results from the alerts are shown in a top-level summary.

Custom alerts

Alerts can be developed especially for your situation. This can, for example, be based on data from Google Analytics or Google Ads, but data from other sources can also be used. Alerts are sent by e-mail and detailed information can be displayed in a dashboard.

Contact us to discuss which alerts you would like to receive.

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